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Trillium Publishing will publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We believe everyone has a story to tell and we want to be the company to bring your story to life. Our mission is to put works into the world that will entertain and educate.

Submission Guidelines

Please include all parts of your submission as on single PDF

  1. A cover letter that includes the author's name, background, any previous publication credits, contact information, brief synopsis of the work (no more than two pages), and why the work should be published by Trillium Publishing.
  2. The work itself. Writers may submit the full manuscript or a sample of between 20 and 30 pages. Include page numbers on every page. Full manuscripts will take longer to review
  3. A $20.00 per submission fee.

Review times vary depending on the number of submissions.

Calls, emails, and letters are strongly discouraged

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© 2023

210 Pages



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Your Brother

Angela T. Baldree

Based upon the author's own family and told through their actual letters, Your Brother is a historical WWII novel. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, four of six Julian brothers enlist to fight for the United States. Who will survive the war and how did the family back home cope without their sons? Spanning from Okinawa, to Utah, to Normandy, to Africa, the reader will feel like they're part of a big Italian famiglia.

Opening to Your Brother: “For God’s sake, Nellie, take that thing outside.”

“You go outside. I live here.”

“It’s twenty degrees out there,” Lauri said.

“Exactly,” Nellie replied, blowing her cigarette smoke away from her sister; they could always find something to fight about.

Sam, Maria Julian and eight of their ten children gathered for Sunday dinner. Two brothers were away: Lou, in Alabama with the Army, and Tony, working for the Civil Conservation Corps in Utah.

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Trillium Acres

Norman Julian

A sequel to Snake Hill, this book further explores the territory, going deeper rather than farther afield. it includes hindsights because the land has changed since the author first began to homestead there.

© 2010

176 Pages


Opening to Trillium Acres: In every person's life, a time comes to leave something you love, or it leaves you. Most painfully, that can be another person you shared a life with who either chooses to depart or is parted from you by death or circumstance. Another kind of departure, of a person from a place he has nurtured and formed, presents a like mindset. I left Snake Hill for the city because the changing seasons of my life dictated that I could no longer maintain the country home and lifestyle I had wished for and achieved. Then, too Snake Hill changed, in ways I did not like. If affection is strong, parting spurs afterthoughts. In accepting the transition and loss, I asked myself, What of value have I learned that is worth telling?

© 1993

160 Pages


Snake Hill

Norman Julian

For all of us there is a special place. In these newspaper essays, journey with Norman Julian to a rugged spot in the Allegheny Mountains, where snakes are common, bears not unheard of, and newspapermen a novelty.

Opening to Snake Hill: Have you ever wanted to own a piece of wild land and to become intimate iwth it, to get to know it through the season, to live on it and with it, to recognize its plants and its animals a how they interact? To learn the lay of the land and the exquisite secrets that are part of all landscapes, though each is particular? Have you sought to find a place where you could solve the main problesm of existence - how to acquire minimal food, shelter, and warmth in winter so you might sustain your life without undue material calamity, freeing your mind for higher pursuits?

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© 1993

160 Pages




Norman Julian

A West Virginia Best Seller

A novel about a rugged spot in the Allegheny Mountains, where three friends are in the fight for their lives.

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Opening to Cheat: Some men need mountains and some men don't. From the top floor of the tallest building in Morgantown, we could see their hulking forms to the east humped like great blue whales, endlessly replacing themselves in the misty distance, but caught as if by a camera in place. It was like looking at them from a low-flying airplane, an experience we were to have in a time no distant . . .

Poem from Pockets of Love

The Gift

Without her it would be unbearable

stuggeling with skin and bones.

I anchor myself in the harbor of her love,

a forlorn ship that her love pampers.

Thank you, God, for such a gift.

© 1998

195 Pages



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Norman Julian

The Legends that define WVU basketball from 1938 to 1998 touched most West Virginias. Though this book contains the names of hundreds of participants, of special interest are the coaches and the 13 All-Americans. This is an attempt to capture the way the game was played at the state flagship university. Few did it better.

Opening to Legends: I'm sitting in a darkened room watching a black-and-white highlight film of the 1957-58 West Virginia University Mountaineers, the team that finished the regular season No. 1 in the country. Voice over: Jack Fleming. The Old Field House. Hollering fans, six thousand of them, though the sound on the film is out of a can. Highlight films weren't technically triumphant back then. Sometimes it looks like they're playing in the dark, only silhouettes going through the motions. Jerry West pulls up for a soft, almost delicate jumper. Lloyd Sharrar whirls for a hook shot. Ronnie Retton steals the ball, flips to Joedy Gardner racing in for a layup. Don Vincent, jumper from the corner. Willie Akers follows a missed West shot. Bucky Bolyard cans one. Butch Goode another. That's how it goes in highlight films. No, the players aren't as good as I remember them, viewing back then from the vantage point of youth. Then there were mere heroes. Only later, some of them, LEGENDS.

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Pockets of Love

Russell Marano

© 1984

58 Pages

Poems from a Mountain Ghetto

Russell Marano

© 1979

76 Pages


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Russell Marano's two books of poetry bring West Virginia alive for the readers. In Poems from a Mountain Ghetto, he takes us back to his boyhood in Glen Elk, the son of struggling Italo-American parents. As such he is probably the first to show this aspect of the American Experience in poetry.

Pockets of Love is his insightful, final book which came out of his twilight struggle against the tumor growing behind his nose and led to his blindness.

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About Us

Since 1990 Trillium Publishing has been sharing the printed word with people. A true family vocation, today we are led by the second generation of Italian immigrants and we strive to connect readers with books and authors with a way to get their story into readers' hands. We believe everyone has a story to tell and we want to help in the process.

Norman Julian, a past member of the WVU sports Hall of Fame Committee, established Trillium Publishing in 1990 to publish books about West Virginia. He has written Cheat, an award-winning novel still in print. He is also a former general columnist with The Dominion Post and was named "best state columnist" by both the West Virginia Press Association and the Keystone Press Associations in separate years. He was also given the West Virginia Sportswriters Association Morehouse Award.

Angela Baldree grew up on the southern shores of Lake Erie in Perry, Ohio but spent her summers with her grandparents in the hills of Fairmont, West Virginia. She recently took over operations of Trillium Publishing after a 32-year career as a librarian. She will continue her cousin Norm's vision of the company as she publishes her own novel and works by anyone with a story to tell.

June 19, 2023 - Transfer of ownership


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